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We've Lost a Legend

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In 1982 my brother-in-law, Virgil LaFerney and I decided to purchase our very first "personal computer". I had no cash so I visited a bank and put up my wife's car as collateral for my $2K loan. We each walked away with an Apple 2E computer. This amazing machine had a whopping 640K of RAM, TWO 5-1/4" floppy drives, a fixed keyboard, and a green phosphate monochrome monitor. I had an Apple DOS boot disk and a program called "AppleWorks" (database, spreadsheet, and word processor). I got the machi...
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Thunder Soul

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Just got home after seeing the docu-movie "Thunder Soul"; the story of Conrad "Prof" Johnson and the Kashmere High School Stage Band of the 70's. I highly recommend the film. I was pleasantly surprised to see my own picture as the lead Alto player for our competing Jazz Band at San Angelo Central High School and the fact that my high school band/jazz director, Mr. Gary Wylie, was a contributor to the film and was interviewed throughout the feature. What a thrill! Every educator needs to watch th...
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Welcome to the Spreading the Cheeze Blog!

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I don't know how long this will last, but I frequently have something to say; even if it is only to myself. This "Spreading the Cheeze" blog is intended to be my place to simply say something. Perhaps nobody will listen, but I will certainly feel better for saying it! Enjoy a portal into the life of TheBigCheeze! Many of you have inquired about how I got the name "TheBigCheeze". Well, stay tuned. I may finally answer that very question.
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