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Christmas Tree Story #3: The Martian

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Christmas Tree Story #3: The Martian
Christmas Tree Story #3: The Martian. I certainly loved cartoons, but that is not the reason these ornaments are on my tree. Marvin the Martian and I have something else in common. No it’s not that we are both from outer space. It’s the nam...e of course. As you can see from my “Facebook” name, my given name is James Marvin Hale. You’ve probably wondered why I would use my full name in my profile. Well, it all started that fateful first day of school at Bellaire Elementary School in San Angelo, Texas.

Up until first grade everybody called me Marvin; friends on my street and elsewhere, family, and church. My mother was kind enough to send advance instructions to my first grade teacher (Mrs. Rogers) that I liked to be called “Marvin”. Roll call ensued. The name “Marvin Hale” was called. I sat there and said nothing. Again, “Marvin Hale”…again…nothing. A third time “James Marvin Hale”? I immediately stood up and proudly stated, “The name is JAMES”. The rest is history. I have no idea why I did that. My mom always thought I hated the name Marvin. Perhaps that was it because it always had a negative connotation with me (the Messy Marvin Hershey’s Chocolate syrup commercials are something I really remember). Regardless, the name “James” stuck from that day forward. Now, those that know me as “Marvin” call me that. Those that know me by “James” call me that. One should not dare to cross the spectrums or one might get called out for it!

And now you know….the REST of the story.

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