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Christmas Tree Story #7: Divinity

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Christmas Tree Story #7: Divinity

Christmas Story #7: Divinity. Divinity, fudge, peanut brittle, English toffee, millionaires, and turtles. I had to have the new Hallmark ornament series, “Season’s Treatings”. It all started many years ago. With our ingredients and a few pots and pans loaded up in the car; Mom, David, and I would head off in the early morning in December every year to Betty & Roy Minor’s house. The goal: make as much candy as you can before midnight! Well, that may not have been the stated goal, but it certainly felt like it when we were done. With Betty (my second mom) & Roy’s three daughters (Leslie, Lorry, and Libby) we had a kitchen full in many of these years. Betty’s kitchen is one of those sacred places in my heart. She had (and still does) white tiled counter tops. We would actually grease the counter tops and place our newest mixture on top, especially the brittle and toffee recipes. It worked beautifully too. Who needed wax paper when we had those greased tiles? Oh, and laugh? Goodness, I don’t know how we accomplished so much when we were so silly most of the time.

Several years ago, I decided to rekindle this feeling by repeating some of mom’s recipes in our own kitchen. It all started out pretty well….with collecting the ingredients; but it didn’t end so well. I was too much out of practice. Maybe it was the Houston area humidity, maybe it was a bad recipe (Darlene’s theory), and maybe it was that I just couldn’t do it! Well, whatever it was, I’m convinced it was because the ‘magic’ was not there. I didn’t have my crew with me. It did rekindle some memories though. I went down with a big smile on my face. Anybody want some runny fudge? I think I still have some in the freezer!

Darlene’s main Christmas treat is cookies…of all kinds. The only thing I can help with is decorating the iced sugar cookies. Some of you might recall my posting a picture of my creation a year or so ago. We love making things to share with friends and family. The sharing is what makes it so special. Make something, do something for somebody else this year and next. You will be greatly rewarded and left feeling “divine”!

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