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Christmas Tree Story #9: The Music is You

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Christmas Tree Story #9: The Music is You

Christmas Tree Story #9: The Music is You

“Music makes pictures and often tells stories
All of it magic and all of it true
All of the pictures and all of the stories
All of the magic, the music is you.”

John Denver wrote “The Music is You” in 1974. I have probably listened to this song a thousand times in my life. It is one of those songs that reaches into your soul and touches you in a way that simple words cannot express. Other than faith, family, and friends; music is the most important gift in my life. I have always found it difficult to explain what music means to me. Well, listen to this song and you will have a much better understanding. John Denver got it. And if you want a greater visual aide to this discussion, please watch the movie “August Rush” and focus your thoughts on the little boy in the movie.

I am so grateful that God gave me the gift of making music and that he put a Saxophone in my hands. There is no greater joy than what I feel when I play. Athletes talk about being in the “zone”. Runners talk about “runner’s high”. I don’t know what you call it in music exactly. When you feel it, there is no other feeling like it. The creative process of playing jazz is the most enjoyable to me.

I attribute any success I’ve enjoyed to music. It helped me pay for my college education. It provided me discipline. It taught me patience. It gave me an analytical ability. It served as the ultimate creative process. It showed me love and passion. Just as I mentioned in my Crayola post, I hear music in everything. I love the sounds of life. The train whistle is particularly enjoyable!

Start listening….really listening to sound in your life. Sit down on a park bench, shut your eyes, and listen. You will be greatly rewarded.

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