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European Trip Journal - Day 4

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European Trip Journal - Day 4
Before I get started on today's entry, I thought I would tell you the first city stop from yesterday. The name of the city is St. Gilgen. This is the city where Mozart's mother was born. In fact, I took a picture of the house.

Back on today. This morning we took the Salzburg city tour which lasted only an hour. After the Sound of Music tour this was a waste of time and money. There was very little new information and the guide was not very good, except she spoke 5 languages. We had folks from Italy on board so she did part of the speech in broken English and the other in Italian. Weird. We messed around in town before our next tour began at 2PM. That was the tour of the Bavarian Mountains (for those not in the know, Bavaria is the largest "state" in Germany). Darlene finally got to step foot in her native land. I thought it was touching. Darlene was simply "too cold". Here I quote from the brochure:

"In the Bavarian Alps above the Obersalzberg stands the former mountain residence of Hitler. It offers magnificent views across the snowcapped peaks of the surrounding mountains. Passing the Castle Hellbrunn, through Anife we arrive at the German border. Driving along the Konigseeache, through the lovely valley and picturesque farmland to Unterau we start our ascent to the Obersalzberg. Here we stop to see what is left of Hitler's mountain compound and to enjoy the wonderful panorama (view of Hitler's Eagle's Nest). We then continue down the Konigsee or Echo Lake, pressed among the steep mountain peaks. There is time for a stroll along the lake. On the way back we stop in Berehtesgaden. Again there is plenty of time for a look around the village and for refreshments."

At Echo Lake, I got to walk on water. I always wanted to do that. No, actually I walked on the frozen lake. What an experience. I know all of you Yankees think I'm crazy but it was a thrill. Darlene took a picture of me. We then stopped at Berchtesgaden for about an hour. This is a very nice German town nestled in the mountains. The scenery here is one that will simply catch your breath. The entire drive was like a winter postcard. It was so beautiful it almost did not seem real. Photography cannot do it justice. We did see Hitler's home and Eagle's Nest from a distance. It was not open due to snow. The feeling driving through the area where Hitler and his army were was somewhat surreal. I can't explain the feeling.

We had lunch at a hotel restaurant in "new" town just next to the river Salzbach. Hey Glenn, I had a very tasty hamburger. Dar had the potato soup. All was delicious. Our dinner made up of our standard bread and butter. The bakery's here are just too much to resist.

Tomorrow we're off to Venicia, Italia (or Venice, Italy). We will travel almost the entire day so I don't know if I will be able to post an entry tomorrow. It all depends on access. The saga continues...

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