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European Trip Journal - Final Entry

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European Trip Journal - Final Entry
Hello friends. We did get back and have had almost two full days trying to get back in the swing of things. Our travel day on Friday was long. We arrived into Newark on time at 1:30PM EST after a 9 1/2 hour plane flight from Milan. We had a scheduled 5 hour layover that turned into a 9 hour layover because our plane was held up on Tampa due to bad weather. We finally stepped foot in our house at 2AM on Saturday morning after a 27 112 hour travel day.

My reflections on the trip have been noted in my blog entries but I must say that it is hard to pinpoint one single "favorite" thing or place. I loved Salzburg but would have loved to see it under better weather conditions. Same goes for Germany (Bavaria). Venice was special because it is so unique and different. Cannes and Monaco are amazingly beautiful and interesting. Milan is historic but not a place I will visit again. The jury is still out on Italy as a whole. Darlene and I are tickled we were able to make the trip. We may never have the opportunity again. Thanks for allowing us to share the experience with each of you through my blog entries. Darlene still has not read the blogs or even seen the pictures. 

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