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We've Lost a Legend

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In 1982 my brother-in-law, Virgil LaFerney and I decided to purchase our very first "personal computer". I had no cash so I visited a bank and put up my wife's car as collateral for my $2K loan. We each walked away with an Apple 2E computer. This amazing machine had a whopping 640K of RAM, TWO 5-1/4" floppy drives, a fixed keyboard, and a green phosphate monochrome monitor. I had an Apple DOS boot disk and a program called "AppleWorks" (database, spreadsheet, and word processor). I got the machine home, connected all the wires, and plugged it in. I waited and waited until it booted (2 minutes or more). The only program I knew how to run was one called Kaleidoscope. I watched it for a while and then said out loud "now what?" Some 30 years later, that single decision has had the greatest impact on my professional life than any other. Thank you, Steve Jobs for answering the question "now what?" Your vision will be sorely missed. Today I ask it again, Now What?
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