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Christmas Tree Story #10: Christmas Eve Gift

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Christmas Tree Story #10: Christmas Eve Gift

Christmas Tree Story #10: Christmas Eve Gift.

I said it. “Christmas Eve Gift”. If I’m the first person to say it, then you are obligated to provide me with a single gift from underneath the Christmas Tree. A gift that you choose of course. Those are the rules. I’m wondering how many of you knew that rule. If not, then you didn’t grow up in my family! I’m not quite sure where the rule came from, but we observed it every year. Most of the time it was my mom that was first. She was a real early bird on Christmas Eve.

Since most of you didn’t know about the rule, I’ll let you off the hook this year. How about I give you a “Christmas Eve” gift instead? Christmas Eve has always been about the anticipation of Christmas. As I get older, the anticipation is still there, but not for a gift I would open from underneath my tree. Now it is about the only gift that matters. You see, tonight we celebrate the gift of a new life. Jesus Christ was born in that manger so long ago in Bethlehem. For without him, we will all surely die. Do you know him? Well, here is your gift. Please take it. It is completely free! If you don’t know how to use, wear, see, or feel your gift, please let me know and I’ll tell you all about it.

May your Christmas Eve be filled with Hope, Love, Joy, Peace, and Christ!

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