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Christmas Tree Story #12: Epilogue

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Christmas Tree Story #12: Epilogue

Christmas Tree Story #12: Epilogue

There she stands at 10 feet tall. She has 1,200 lights and over 1,100 ornaments (at last count) and rising each year. We typically decorate the week of Thanksgiving. It only takes about an hour to put the tree up; but it takes a full day to get it decorated. We actually have three Christmas trees in the house. The other two are much smaller and don’t take near the time. I add between 20-25 ornaments each year. There are still branches without ornaments, so all is good.

There is no shortage of stories hanging on her branches. As I look back on this short journey, I realize just how important the Christmas tree and my ornaments are to me. There have been a few years where we didn’t decorate because we would be out of town during the holidays. There is a sense of emptiness when that happened, I now know.

There are clowns, Lucy, The Christmas Story, Three Stooges, Santa Claus, snowmen, Thomas Kincaid, Pooh, Charlie Brown, automobiles, Grinch, Dr. Seuss, cross stitch, teddy bears, Noah’s Ark, churches, lighthouses, and the Angel. So much more. So many more stories. Is your Christmas tree alive as is mine? I sure hope so. My tree is the story of my own life. Each year, new memories are etched into my soul.

I hope you enjoyed my short stories as much as I enjoyed reflecting on the memories. May God watch over you and may he comfort you in times of need. Live each day as if you are creating a new story. Cherish it. Nurture it! To each of you: my family and my friends, I send you my love today and always.

May you all have a blessed new year!

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