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Christmas Tree Story #2: Crayola

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Christmas Tree Story #2: Crayola
Christmas Tree Story #2: Crayola. My favorite series on my Christmas tree is Crayola. I have almost 50 of these ornaments on my tree. To me, they magnify being a child, colors, boundaries, and creativity. I can't say specifically why my fav...orite color is yellow, but I suspect it may very well have to do with that first box of Crayons. I have always favored primary colors.

Coloring "inside the lines" was always what one should do. In life, we can't live inside the lines. The only way we can achieve that feat is to live in and with Christ.

I have always gravitated toward creative and colorful things. I see color in everything I "hear" color in every sound.

I think the most powerful emotion I have with the Crayola ornaments is seeing through childlike eyes at this time of year. Remembering what it was like to have the anticipation of everything Christmas. The warmth you felt on Christmas Eve attending a candlelight church service. Sitting around the Christmas tree on Christmas morning with your family. Crayola brings all this back.

Tomorrow: The Martian.
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