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Christmas Tree Story #4: Hot Wheels

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Christmas Tree Story #4: Hot Wheels
Christmas Tree Story #4: Hot Wheels. All of my early memories involves playing with my miniature cars in the driveway with Judy Landgraf Olness. My favorite was matchbox cars, but I had my share of Hot Wheels too. The Hot Wheels cars went ...faster and you could build your cool orange tracks. Oh my how many hours did we spend playing with our cars. “Judy Kay” as I called her and I would take the pea gravel next to her driveway and make roads, houses, and whatever else we could think of. We would “park” our cars like our parents did. We would “drive” our cars everywhere along our imaginary roads. I had a cool matchbook car plastic carrying case for mine…which mysteriously disappeared years later. My mother always had a theory that Judy Kay’s mother (Pat) stole them from us. Oh we had fun with that one over the years. In fact, while visiting Pat, Arnold and the entire Langraf family last year, we got a good hardy laugh out of that fictitious story. The memories are so alive and real to me. I did love my cars, especially the one I had of the Batmobile.

Next up: “Batman”
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